We are proud to be the only helicopter service in the Nordic countries offering commercial flights with corporate helicopters in addition to traditional aircrafts.


We are happy to offer you the widest range of options in Finland, as our fleet of five helicopters consists of four different types. All our helicopters are modern, yet proven aircraft designs, especially suited for VIP -passenger transportation and scenic flights with additional equipment such as air conditioning in most of them. 

The fleet is always maintained to the highest industry standards and kept in top condition. All our helicopters are equipped with noise cancelling headsets to ensure clear and comfortable communication between passengers and pilot.

All flights are operated by an experienced professional pilot, who has excellent knowledge of passenger needs as well as respect for local weather to ensure a safe, unique and unforgettable experience.



We are happy to announce we will be receiving two brand new ACH130 helicopters from Airbus factory during spring 2022. 

These exclusive aircrafts are first of their kind in commercial use in the Nordic countries. Be the first to experience this luxurious aircraft and book your flight for June already now!


  • Ideal for 1-6 passengers and VIP -transportations

  • Maximum speed 240 Km/h

  • Range ~600 Km

Although ACH130 has large cargo space, please prefer soft cabin sized belongings when ever possible. Please contact us in advance if you are planning to carry any special items with you, and we will be happy to inform you how to transport them properly in a helicopter.

Airbus H125 Helsinki Citycopter Helikopt

AIRBUS H125 / AS350-B3E

Airbus Helicopter H125 is a multi-task helicopter perfect for scenic and passenger transportation flights. With a tandem seat upfront (for 1 pilot and 1 passenger) and a four-place bench seat in the rear, this aircraft can accommodate up to five passengers. Wide cabin and panoramic view ensures optimum visibility for both passengers and crew. With its three-blade rotor you will be sure to have a smooth ride to your destination.


H125 is manufactured in France by Airbus Helicopters. It was first introduced in 1975 as Eurocopter AS350 Écureiul and has been continuously improved since then. H125 has a very powerful and reliable turbine-engine allowing it even land and take off on summit of Mount Everest


  • Ideal for exclusive transportation services and scenic flights for  2-5 passengers

  • Speed 145 mph (230 km/h)

  • Range 600 km / 375mi

Soft, cabin sized belongings are preferred when travelling with a Helicopter. In case you need more information regarding what size bags work well in a helicopter, please contact us in advance and we are happy to help you. 



A new generation of the Eurocopter EC120B is a five-seat multimission turbine helicopter, designed for executive transport. It is also very quiet, which makes it ideal for VIP transportations. With unique visibility, air conditioning, spacious cabin, large luggage and cargo space, this helicopter is not only versatile but also convenient for passengers. Thanks to its high-speed and a long range, it takes you fast to your destination. 

This helicopter transports comfortably up to 4 passengers and is powered by one Arrius turboshaft engine. It is very user friendly, and cost effective with good safety margins. EC120B  was assembled by Eurocopter in France and Australia, and it's operated by more than 400 operators worldwide.


  •  Ideal for shuttle services such as skiing and golfing trips due to its large cargo space

  • Used also for scenic flights for 1-4 passengers

  • Speed 135 mph (220 km/h)

  • Range 650 km / 400 mi 

In case you will be carrying large bags or sports equipment with you, please contact us and give us the weight information when booking a flight. We will be happy to plan your flight with the aircraft that suites your needs the best.



The Robinson R44 is a light utility and trainer helicopter. It has four seats (1 pilot and 3 passengers), with two rows of side by side seating.


Robinson Helicopter Company has produced the R44 in the USA since 1992 and has become the world’s leading piston-powered helicopter for training. It is also a popular choice for law enforcement, news gathering and many other commercial operations. 


  • Ideal for training purposes  

  • Has 3 passenger seats but comfortable when occupied by max 2 passengers

  • Speed 125 mph (200 km/h)

  • Range 500 km / 310 mi

This helicopter has very limited space when it comes to scenic flights and carry on luggage, and is mainly used for training purposes and utility services.